Alright Meal Prepsters, picking an appropriate type of meal prep container can change your entire life! Okay maybe it’s not that impacting but it’s still quite important and beneficial to know which types of meal containers are compatible with your hectic 0

r not so hectic lives. Plastic, Glass, and Metal are the Top 3 contenders for this meal prep game. Each have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages to consider.


Plastic Meal Containers

Rubbermaid 12-Piece New Premier Food Storage Container Set for MealprepstersDefinitely the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the three types of meal prep containers. These are undoubtedly the most popular and most purchased types of containers. Not surprising at all though as they’re also the most affordable and cost-effective choice. A notable highlight for plastic containers is how easy it is to physically and mentally dispose of after several uses or less. Whereas if you were to dispose of a metal or glass container you’ll definitely think twice, thrice, or not at all considering how much they costed you. Plastic meal containers are very efficient and are just as good at storing and preserving your healthy prepped meals as the other types. They also have premium variations that guarantee a complete and air tight seal as well. Some winning highlight is that they’re extremely affordable, stackable and are also available in a huge array of sizes for different types of foods.

On the negative side of things, plastic meal containers are short-lived compared to glass and metal containers. Reheating and reusing plastic containers for extended periods of time will surely cause degradation. If not handled properly, they can spill and warp much easier as they’re less sturdy.

With that said, it would be smart and wise to stock up on a LOT of plastic containers of varying sizes as they’ll probably be your go to type of containers for any situation especially on the fly situations. The most popular brand of plastic meal prep containers would have to go to Ziploc which can be purchased practically anywhere and we’ve been loyal to them for ages now. You can find a list with popular plastic meal prep containers here.


Glass Meal Containers

Pyrex Multicolored Lids Glass meal container for mealprepstersMost people tend to prefer glass meal prep containers over the metal and plastic counterparts. It’s hard to go wrong with using glass containers for any type of food prep meal. In our opinions, they have an unquestionable sleek and classy appearance that plastic and metal containers lack; especially plastic containers. After warming up or re-heating meals in glass containers, you’ll find that the container itself cools down to touch quickly. Foods stored in these containers are easily transferrable and don’t retain much residues at all. Washing and cleaning is a breeze and they are very likely to outlast the other 2 types of containers. Glass containers probably also have the most secure anti-leak capabilities.

As for the disadvantages for glass containers compared to plastic and metal containers, you can expect to pay a premium price. Not much more than plastic containers if you’re able to snatch them up during sales or find deals. However in comparison to the plastic containers, you’ll definitely get way more bang for your buck if you go with plastic containers. When compared with metal meal containers, it’s basically the opposite of plastic containers. Overall, we prefer using glass containers as they’re sort of the median between the three types.


Metal Meal Containers

LunchBots Bento Trio LARGE All Stainless 3 Section Food Container For Adults and Children for MealprepstersLastly, there are metal meal containers to consider for your meal prep storage. Metal containers will last much longer than plastic containers and are much safer as well. As far as looks and attractiveness, metal food containers easily blow plastic containers out of the water. An excellent feature is that they usually keep your meals either hotter or colder for much longer than plastic and even glass containers. Their durability and mobility features are also something to consider.

The main downside of metal meal containers are that they’re significantly more expensive than plastic and some glass containers. Another thing to consider is that metal is prone to rusting if not cared for properly. Other than that they’re superb containers for meal prepping if your budget can afford it! Oh and please don’t try microwaving your meals prepped in metal containers!