Ever since Joe Weider made fitness a global phenomenon, certain aspects of it remain highly debated. How many sets and reps do you need to build muscle? Are carbs really the enemy? How quickly can you lose weight? What is the ideal daily protein intake?

Joe Weider Bodybuilding Legend

There are several guidelines and different approaches, but none of them would dare to deny the importance of one facet, your diet. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an IFBB professional bodybuilder, your dietary habits will largely determine your results.

Without at least a semblance of a plan, your diet will likely yield only limited results. This is where meal prepping comes into the picture. Preparing meals that will suit your specific dietary needs is more than half the battle. These meals will be your daily ammunition right at the hip (and hopefully not on it).

Prepping them during the weekends is relatively easy if you are motivated enough, but logistics and storage can often become quite problematic. Even if you’re only gone during the day, you could consume five to six meals until you get home. You can’t put all that food into your office fridge because there would be a riot, so what do you do? You rely on your meal management bag that was developed for this exact purpose.

Key Advantages

Insulation: Probably the most important aspect that meal management bags can bring to the table. When you want to keep something warm or cold, it’s all about insulation. Isolator Fitness has bags that were specifically designed with pockets that can hold ice packs. With a bag like that, you can keep your meals extra fresh for 12 to 16 hours even when it’s warm out there.

Storage room: If you are eating five to six, or even just three or four meals every day – which you probably should -, there is very little chance that you can put all that food into the fridge at your workplace. You are conscious about what you eat, you planned everything from the protein intake to the macros, and that hard work simply cannot go to waste. A meal management bag like will allow you to conveniently store your food throughout the day, without having to worry about the space it will take up or if somebody else finds it unappealing.

Mobility: For those busy bees that are always on the go or have multiple destinations to attend throughout the day… meal prep bags are a game changer!  Keep your mind at ease knowing that you have your healthy meal preps readily available for your consumption at any given time–in your car, office cubicle, gym, or anywhere really! It really doesn’t get much better than going through your day not once having to think about where or what to eat. Students could surely benefit from having a sporty and stylish meal prep backpack that easily accommodates multiple meals plus storage space for your school materials.

Usability*: Gone are the days where you have to bring multiple different bags with you for your daily activities, such as work, the gym, and lunch bags. You essentially get the best of all worlds when you have yourself a meal prep backpack bag! It efficiently offers optimized compartments for all your daily necessities like your laptop/tablet, spare clothes, meals, snacks, water bottles, and then some… They’re most notably used & ideal for athletes, gym-goers, bodybuilders, hikers, and even hunters.

*Applies to meal prep backpack bags.

The best meal prep bag brands all offer various bag styles, such as backpacks, duffel bags, totes,  luggages, smaller 3 meal bags, or even 6+ meal bags. Make sure to consider your lifestyle and choose wisely!