In general, food containers are awesome. There is the environmental factor which can certainly be the subject of a healthy discussion, but as far as their practical use is concerned, they really are a blessing. Which one we should use though? Is there any advantage to using a one compartment food container over multi-compartment designs or vice-versa? We certainly think so and once you read our list, maybe you will come to the same conclusion.

    1. Easier to clean:
      • That’s a no brainer, right? As much as we would like it, we don’t always have access to a dishwasher. When you have to clean your food container with your own hands, you don’t want it to have eight corners (like 2 compartment containers do), you will want it to have four.
    2. They are often more flexible:
      • The one compartment food containers will logically come without a divider, often making them much more flexible. Flexibility is important for two reasons: if you drop the container while it’s full, a flexible design will absorb the energy much more efficiently (that will depend on the food too, but let’s not go full nerd here). The other reason is storage. A little flexibility can go a long way when you try to jam food containers with one week worth of food into a limited storage space.
    3. Perfect for certain food types:
      • Let’s say you made a risotto or a lasagna. For food like that, a one compartment container will actually be better, because it will allow the ingredients to really settle in, bringing out some extra flavors.
    4. More space:
      • Without the divider in place, you will have more storage space to pack your food into. Perfect for cookies too. You love cookies, right? Dumb question.
    5. More durable:
      • One compartment containers are often come with a sturdier, more durable design. The divider is great for certain things which we’ll talk about later, but it can weaken the structural integrity of the box, which is something that can dramatically decrease its durability.
    6. Budget Friendly:
      • Most single compartment food containers for sale are typically less costly than multi-compartment containers which isn’t really a big surprise. They’re easier to produce on a mass scale and their shape is as simple as can be! These types of containers are much more cost effective for those balling on a budget.

Single compartment containers not suitable for you?

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