When you start your meal prepping, you quickly realize just how great of a help food containers can be. A quality diet likely consists of several nourishing meals per day, which means that you often find yourself having to eat on the go.

Sure, you can order from a food service or eat at a restaurant, but then you won’t always know your macronutrient ratio. Another aspect is the price. Always eating out can be quite expensive in the long run.

Meal prepping has several advantages but in order to fully maximize them, you need a little help. We already discussed 1 compartment food containers, now let’s take a look at the 2 section variants. What can they provide that their singleton friends could not?

  1. Divide and Conquer:
    • Some people don’t like it when their side dish touches the meat. With a two compartment food container, this is obviously much easier to achieve. Then there is the case of certain food items that are best enjoyed sparingly. For these purposes, a 2 compartment variant is much better.
  1. Your very own Snack Compartment:
    • We all like our occasional snacks… Okay, let’s be honest, we cannot really deal with life without our daily sugary or salty treats. We deserve them and that’s that. With the right food container, you can put everything into one bigger space while still keeping them separated! After all, we prefer our donut not to be soaked in marinara sauce.
  1. Visual Pleasure:
    • Consistency and taste, for many people these two are the most important aspects when it comes to their food. For some, however, colors and aesthetic pleasure are just as important. There is just something visually pleasing about seeing vivid colors next to each other. A 2 compartment food container provides the perfect space for some culinary creativity.


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