Starting a meal prep service company has become a popular rising trend nowadays if you haven’t already noticed. They are forming by the dozens in many large cities and states such Los Angeles & Orange County in California, Houston & Austin in Texas, New York, Washington, Florida, and plenty more. Even our foreign friends from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and more have plenty of local competition already.

Local chefs, fitness coaches, and even cooking enthusiasts have all already taken advantage of this rapidly growing demand for ready-to-eat healthy meal prepped food. This widespread meal prep movement doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start your own home-based meal prep pick-up or delivery services. You only really need a few clients/customers to get started and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your friends and family to help get the wheels rolling.

Profit margins are great and the startup cost of investment is significantly lower than many other business ventures. Another huge advantage is that you could essentially start right now!

If you’re interested in learning more on how you can start your own local meal prep service company, reserve your spot and we’ll notify you once we’ve completed this guide. We’ll share with you the essential tools and insider tips you’ll need to start your very own meal prep service company.