1. Kick start your happiness for the week! @emilyknightingale

Breakfast: Proats at home (30g toffee whey isolate, 50g oats, 180ml almond milk, 40g blueberries, choc shot)
Morning snack: Cucumber, celery, carrot and pepper with two @heckfooduk scotch eggs (4 chipolatas+2eggs)
Lunch: rice noodles with red cabbage, soya beans, sweet corn, broccoli, spring onion, mange tout and two heck spring chicken sausages made in to bite size balls.
Afternoon snack: 200g fage 0% with strawberries and flaxseed

2. Ready for the week. @new.fit.beginning

Meal 1: Berry, spinach, matcha smoothie (not pictured, made fresh daily)
Meal 2: Pot Roast with roasted sweet potato, green beans & Brussels sprouts
Meal 3: Roasted Garlic Chicken Salad with bell pepper or cucumber (instead of bread)
Snacks: banana & blackberries
Tip: when you don’t have a lot of time to meal prep make one meal in the slow cooker overnight.

3. Eat like you love yourself. @_chrispyone

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Burgers
  • Bacon,
  • 25 eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach

4. Indian food to devour. @chielseajoice

Chicken Tikka Masala with Cauliflower Rice

5.Back to the grind. @melissas_healthykitchen

  • Power matcha chia pudding for a breakfast option
  • Hard boiled eggs for another quick breakfast option
  • Snacks: celery, bell peppers, berries, rainbow carrots, and cucumbers
  • Lunch/dinner option chicken salad in a radicchio wrap
  • Lunch option kale and broccoli slaw salad mix from @traderjoeslist with hard boiled egg, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes
  • Hemp seed kale and Broccoli slaw pesto
  • Roasted Brussels, cauliflower for a side
  • Chicken veggie soup for dinner option

6. My kind of a weekly thing. @taytaybrowning

  • Grilled BBQ chicken breast
  • Green beans
  • Basmati rice

7. Things I don’t mind doing. @nathaliestm

  • Grilled chicken breast strips with a blend of quinoa and kale
  • Blackberries and strawberry
  • On the side: soy beans in pods

8. Yummy meals ahead. @jumpingintofitness

Breakfast: Shakeology
Snacks: Unsalted pretzels, fruit, peanut butter/oat balls
Lunch: Salmon or Tuna with riced cauliflower and asparagus, homemade shrimp fried rice.

9. 20-minute prep! @simplecleanlean

Meal 1 and 2: gr chicken (seasoned w/ Mrs dash garlic and herb flavor) salad w/ avocado
Meal 3 and 4: gr. Chicken (seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash southwest flavor) taco salad on rice with salsa and cilantro on top
Meal 5: gr. Chicken (seasoned with Mrs.Dash tomato,basil, garlic flavor) w/ 2 cups mixed veggies and a size of nuts

10. Orange and lovin it! @teaganbbg