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1. Never miss a Meal Prep Monday just like @lady.lolas


  • Oovernight oats w/coconut yoghurt
  • A2 milk
  • Mixed berries
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond flakes
  • Banana.

Morning snacks:

  • Chobani yoghurt


  • Mixed green salad w/marinated tofu
  • Tomato
  • Capsicum
  • Popcorn
  • Mini low-carb protein bar (honeycomb flavor)

Afternoon snacks:

  • Mango
  • Carmen oats bar or
  • Some pistachio cranberry bites.

2. Week 1 for the new year of @samlivesfit

  • Curry Chicken Stir Fry & Caulirice
  • Ground Beef Sloppy Joes & Spaghetti Squash
  • Sweet Potato & Zucchini Stir Fry (to go with Apple Chicken Sausage for breakfast)
  • Green Beans (for the Joes)
  • Avocado Tuna on salad (not pictured)

3. Lunch and dinner are all covered for the week for @jayraphael

Lunch: Grass fed roast beef
Dinner: Baked wild Alaskan salmon with salt & pepper
Both: Organic cauliflower rice and chopped bok choy

4. Spice Chicken and more for meal prep Monday by @panbabe

Meal 1: Bean and beef soup with bacon.
Kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans, onion, celery and a seasoning blend for a stew;

Meal 2:
 Five spice chicken-usually made with brown sugar but it was omitted and instead used orange zest and lemon juice. Other ingredients include Chinese five spice, a little vinegar, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic, ginger and a small tbsp. of ketchup.

Meal 3:
Flavorgod everything turkey burgers. On the side I have oven baked sweet potato fries and some zucchini seasoned with herbes de Provence

5. Macros counting Monday by @gillaard

Macros for the week are 265C, 120P, 60F

Meal 1:

  • Coffee with creamer
  • Hard boiled eggs

Meal 2:

  • Ground turkey
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mixed vegg and sautéed onion and cheddar cheese

Meal 3:

  • Gf cereal
  • Bluebs
  • Almond milk (preworkout)

Meal 4:

  • Protein shake (Postworkout)

Meal 5:

  • Chicken
  • Jasmine rice
  • Bell pepper
  • Corn
  • Guac
  • Chipotle seasoning (I’ll heat it all in the frying pan since I’m home for this meal and serve it on a heaping pile of iceberg lettuce for more volume)

Meal 6:

  • Granny Smith apple
  • Oats
  • Cellucor cinnamon swirl whey
  • Natural peanut butter

6. Under an hour meal prep by @kimmayvon

  • Chicken fajita bowls
  • Sweet Potato
  • String beans
  • Bell Peppers
  • Other veggies

7. Pre-cooking skills of @fitmitpascal is on point. 

8. Food is prepped throughout the day by @thegirlwithgoals

  • Roasted chicken
  • Quinoa/asparagus
  • 1 egg with grated zucchini
  • 1/2 a grapefruit
  • Ham
  • Boiled mashed plantain

9. Small meal prep on a Monday of  @kaylbyl

Breakfast: Eggs with an English muffin
Lunch:Teriyaki chicken, brown rice and pineapple
Dinner: Baked sweet potato, broccoli, and seared short ribs
Snacks: Apple, banana, grapes and a Larabar

10. Dinner is served up until the end of the week courtesy of @kerriatolbert

Dinner this week:

  • Roasted onion and asparagus
  • Extra lean ground turkey
  • Sweet potato mash.