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1. Meal Prepping is very important for people who are either trying to lose weight, staying fit and healthy or those who are looking to have a more convenient week ahead having no need to prepare food on a daily basis. Regardless, meal prepping is an actvity that needs planning and commitment.

1. Vegan sausages with roasted baby plum tomatoes and baby spinach.
2. Oats with raspberry smoothie whey.
3. Cottage cheese with chives to have with my sausages.
4. Slim pasta with roasted Mediterranean veggies and cheese
5. Seabass with roasted butternut and asparagus.
6. Cod with veggie rice and tenderstem broccoli.
7. Amino Stim for drinking all day.

2. Make time to sit down and research what you are going to meal prep. Since you are going to prepare food that is good for several days, you need to plan and know what you would need as for the ingredients and how to cook the meal itself.

1. Oats with sunflower seeds, chia seeds, dried fruit, soaked in cinnamon bun whey mixed with soya milk.
2. Cod baked in a homemade mustard and parsley sauce with brow rice and green veg.
3. Vegan mince ragu with roasted veggies.
4. Vegan mince ragu with brown rice.
5. Oranges and honey popcorn for snacking.

3. As you meal prep longer, there is a little tendency that you find yourself cooking or preparing for the same recipes over and over again. Although this is good for beginners, it is suggested for you to look up for other recipes and ideas. There so much inspiration around, all you have to do it look for it.

1. Chickpea stew with Wholegrain rice and Mediterranean veggies, steamed broccoli and vegan sausages or vegan pakoras.
2. Chilli made with vegan mince, tomatoes, onion, lots of green chilli, mushrooms, roasted peppers and black-eyed beans.
3. Watermelon Amino-Stim for drinking all day.

4. It also strategic to know what ingredients are healthier substitutes to other ingredients. That way, you get to taste a new twist to an old recipe, Also, you can get tp make it as healthy as possible.
TIP: Try substituting Tofu with meat!

1. Grilled tofu on a bed of slim rice, roasted aubergine, courgette, baby chestnut mushrooms and red onion.
2. Roast swordfish with baby plum tomatoes and capers, and all the steamed broccoli.
3. Lemon and herb roasted cod with celeriac chips, roasted baby carrots, green beans and shrooms.
4. Roast Atlantic salmon with celeriac chips, baby carrots, roasted aubergine and green beans.
5. Soya yoghurts and a seed mix for toppings.
6. Blood oranges
7. Shaker full with amino-stim for drinking all day.

5. Oatmeal is one of the most convenient breakfast to have. With different varieties and its yummy tasts, children and adult alike get to enjoy this hearty meal. You can also try different recipe using oats!
TIP: Try making Overnight Oats. You get to prepare and leave it in the fridge overnight then you got your breakfast already covered the next morning!

1. Oats with berries and pumpkin seeds.
2. Salmon in a homemade teriyaki glaze with steamed tenderstem and soya beans.
3. Roast pollock with zero-carb noodles and peppers.
4. Roast pollock with roast butternut and peppers.
5. Homemade chipotle popcorn using flavorgod chipotle seasoning.
6. Cinnamon whey and coffee for protein frappes post-workout, and trust aminos.

6. Although Meal Prepping is relatively easy, it is also very wise to know how long you can store a food item before it gets bad and knowing what ingredients goes along well with others upon storage. TIP: Store fruits and vegetables separately. Fruits that give off high levels of ethylene (the ripening agent) can prematurely ripen and spoil surrounding vegetables.

1. Tuna with Mediterranean veggies, chickpeas and a low-fat blue cheese wedge.
2. Crumbed pollock with steamed broccoli and 2 with long grain rice seasoned with flavorgod chipotle; 2 with konjac noodles cooked in miso and tamari.
3. Veggie falafel
4. Carb Killa bars for killing my sweet tooth.
5. Cinnamon bun whey that I’ll have post-workout on route to work with added Swiss chocolate to make a protein mocha frappuccino.

7. Upon planning what recipes to cook, it would be great to identify what ingredients can go together in the oven, or grill. This way, you get to save more time in prepping.

1. Harissa-baked whitefish with spicy chickpeas and steamed broccoli.
2. Tuna with courgettes, green beans, baby pearl onions and low-fat blue cheese.
3. More harissa-baked whitefish with sweet potato and asparagus.
4. Post-workout premium whey and aminos.

8. Have a diet buddy if possible. Make each other accountable and encourage one another to stay committed to meal prepping and exercise! It’s never a bad idea to eat your oats with someone, right?

1. Cod fish cakes on a bed of steamed mixed greens and a side of sweet potato mash X 2.
2. Oats with orange, sesame and cacao.
3. Veggie falafel Spanish new potatoes and some steamed chard X 2.
4. Tuna mixed with red onion, black olives and cider vinegar with homemade harissa-fried rice.
5. Wholegrain rice cakes with a dollop of Gorgonzola dolce.
6. Feta and spinach bourekia X 2.
7. Protein shakes for post-workout and Amino Stim.

9. Snacking is an essential part of meal prepping. These prepared snacks are very helpful in fighting the urge to eat unhealthy food just to get through in between meals. Hence, keep yourself accompanied with healthy snacks to have something to grab whenever hunger strikes.

1. Rollmop herring with runner beans and sweetcorn.
2. Oats with chia, mixed seeds and strawberries.
3. Lightly dusted cod fillet on a bed of chipotle flavoured cauli-broccoli rice and steamed sprouts and peas.
4. Tofu sausages with cavolo nero, peas and Frenchies mustard.
5. Cinnamon whey for post-workout.
6. Snack pots with beetroot crisps and seeds, and carrot crisps.
7. Blood oranges for vitamins.

10. One great thing with oatmeal is you can mix it with different fruits and nuts that you want. This makes the dish very flexible and can be eaten anytime of the day.

1. Low-carb Lavash wraps with seeded haddock, vegan cheese, baby kale and red onion.
2. Veggie arancini.
3. Oats with chia and seeds and a sachet of supergreens to add on oats.
4. Raspberry smoothie whey for post workout on the go.
5. Snack pots with chipotle toasted seeds and giant crunchy corn.

11. One healthy way to cook food is through steaming. Take Broccoli for example, when steamed, it retains 81% vitamin C, and when cooked in water, only 30%.

1. Chipotle spiced salmon, oven-roasted and on a bed of steamed cavolo nero, with tons of steamed broccoli.
2. Oats with chia, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
3. Tuna mixed with sundried tomato paste and red onion, with chickpea pasta and green beans.
4. Breaded cod on a bed of spinach with roasted chickpeas and green peppers.
5. Shakes for post-workout, and some fruit for vitamins.

12. Having a go-to recipe is very handy when you don’t have enough time to thoroughly plan for your weekly meal prep. This serves as your last resort when the schedule gets a bit hectic. Since you are very familiar with it, you get to prepare the dish easily and quickly. Although it is great to add some variations like spices to try a different flavor.

1. Oats with chia and omega seeds.
2. Oven-roasted cod loin on a bed of broccoli rice with roasted butternut squash.
3. Veggie arancini.
4. Powerbars
5. Shakes for post-workout on the go.

13. Since meal prepping involves not just cooking but also grocery-shopping, there may be times when you can’t cover the entire week with what you got in your pantry or fridge. If that’s the case, then you can opt to just prepare for the next couple of days instead of the entire week.

1. Roast salmon fillet with roast asparagus and roast turnips.
2. Oats with chia seeds, omega seed mix and a pot of apple and strawberry purée.
3. Tuna with red onion and steamed cavolo nero; two with roasted butternut squash and one with veggie rice.
4. Protein shakes for post-workout.
5. Snacks: biccies, seeds and blood oranges.

14. Challenge yourself once in a while to go vegan or meatless for the entire week. This can be very exciting and can be an opportunity to learn dishes that only involves vegetables and fruits.

1. Oats with chia, omega seed mix, apple and blackberries.
2. Quorn mince with celery, tomatoes, onion and garlic, some baby pasta shells and a little sheep’s milk feta.
3. Snacks: fruit bites, blood orange, weight watchers sultana & cinnamon cookie packs and protein shakes for post-workout on the go.

15. Meal prepping is very helpful in ensuring a healthier lifestyle since you get to prepare and control your own food consumption. And just like any other things, commitment, dedication and consistency are definitely required in order to be successful with what you are doing.

1. Oats with chia, omega seed mix, apple and blackberries.
2. Quorn mince with celery, tomatoes, onion and garlic, some baby pasta shells and a little sheep’s milk feta.
3. Snacks: fruit bites, blood orange, weight watchers sultana & cinnamon cookie packs and protein shakes for post-workout on the go.