3 Week Diet Plan - Viral weight loss program for Mealprepsters
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 Why Brian Flatt’s 3-Week Diet is a Great Way to Lose Weight


If you meal prep and have been looking for a diet plan that will suit you, Brian Flatt’s 3-week diet is it. Designed with the Meal Prepster in mind, this diet works to achieve great results in just three weeks. But what is this all about?

Can you imagine losing over 20pounds in just 21 days? This is exactly what this diet plan allows you to do. With the author placing the figures at between 12 and 23 lbs, you can be assured that by following the program to the latter will give you excellent results in just less than a month. Better news is that this program is not one of those that promises but fails to deliver. The author Brian Flatt is an experienced Sports nutritionist who also doubles up as a head coach and personal trainer. The program is developed based on scientific facts that actually work.

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The actual program is a 95-page ebook with several segments touching on many areas. The introduction manual makes the bulk of the ebook covering 43 pages in total. This introduces the program explaining the science behind it and how it helps achieve the results it promises. It has some additional recommendations like supplement uptake that you can carry out in order to achieve the results much faster.

8-Best-Ways-to-Lose-Belly-Fat-NaturallyThe 22-page diet manual will be a favorite to anyone who values healthy meal prepping. It contains the 4 phases needed to lose those extra pounds making it the heart of the program. By giving you a daily meal plan, you get to practice healthy meal prepping without having to strain. The workout manual will teach you the importance of exercising and how to go about it. By perusing through these 17 pages, you could double your success with this program.

The program only requires rather simple 20 minute workouts done 3 to 4 times a week. The motivational manual’s 13 pages will motivate you and strengthen your will to keep working hard so you achieve your goals.

The 4 phases that the Brian Flatt diet plan is based on are:

  1. Liver Detoxification– this is a 7-day program in which 17 nourishing vegetables and 6protein foods are eaten together with vitamin supplements to cleanse the liver and at the same time start burning fat.
  2. 24-Hour Fasting– on the 8th day, 24 hours of fasting are required to rest your digestive system while naturally burning fat and removing toxins.
  3. Fat Fast– this achieves fast fat loss. It is a rather simple three-day course in which one has to take meals with 80% fat content. This increases the amount of fats in your body signaling it that it needs to start burning fat to fuel the body.
  4. BMR– In the last 9 days of the program, specificity kicks in with every person getting proper advice on the right foods to take depending on their Basal Metabolic Rate needs. You can calculate this by following the guidelines given. With the guidelines given, your meal prepping will never be easier and healthier.

Why is the Brian Flatt diet a good choice for you? Coming at only $47, this program is very affordable. Many people have tried it and are satisfied with the results they have obtained. Visit the official website and see for yourself.

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It is easy to follow and you need not get an expensive gym membership to lose those extra pounds that have been stressing you out. With this facts behind the program explained in detail, you can be assured that you are making a healthy decision to complement healthy meal prepping habits. On the downside, the supplements the program recommends can be quite expensive. Like all other programs, without commitment you will not be able to achieve the set goals.

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Thankfully Brian has put in his best effort to create and reveal a step-by-step diet plan for 21 days that aides to produce amazing results. Every food ingredient and recipe is laid out in a super simple format and timetable recommendation that makes dieting extremely efficient. The diet has been known to be beginner friendly and a breeze to follow. If you are searching for a way to lose weight fast, The 3 Week Diet is undoubtedly something you should consider. No other diet out there today promises such fast results, and is confidently able to deliver them too.

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