the fat burning kitchen review - review
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The Fat Burning Kitchen Review:
Change Your Diet To Transform Your Life

The best-selling nutrition guide The Fat Burning Kitchen helps you to transform your diet. In fact, it provides you with nutritious meal prep information. You will also learn about various foods as well as diets so that you can make informed decisions. In the book, the author Mike Geary outlines as to what constitutes a healthy diet and what foods build fat and cause serious diseases. He also provides information as to how you can eliminate toxins, reduce heart disease risk, improve overall health and feel younger.

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Fat-Burning-Kitchen-co-author-Mike-GearyMike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and a certified personal trainer, is a widely known author and he has contributed several articles to Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness magazines. He has also authored many other popular books, including “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” and “The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging”. The meal prep methods recommended by him have proven to be effective because of his expertise in both diet and fitness matters.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Is Not About Any Fad Diet

People who want to lose weight and improve their health often try a number of fad diets and weight loss plans, including diet pills, pre-packaged foods and supplements. The problem with these plans is that they are not sustainable in the long run. Some of them even negatively impact your health. You need to redesign your diet if your goal is to become healthier.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is neither a fad diet nor a flash diet. It helps you to look at food in a different way so that you can enjoy eating and stay healthy. More importantly, it guides you to bring about permanent changes to your meal prepping and eating habits. When you eat healthy every day, you will experience amazing changes in terms of body weight and energy levels.


Equips You To Deal With Modern Day Epidemics

In today’s world, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer have assumed epidemic proportions. The root cause of all these diseases is poor diet. Some of the popular foods that you eat on a daily basis are contributing to increasing the risk of you contracting degenerative diseases. Wheat, for example, encourages weight gain, disrupts blood sugar levels, causes glycation of cells, hastens the aging process and raises diabetes risk. Even foods made using whole wheat are not good. Other common foods like vegetable oils, soy milk, homogenized milk, energy bars and canola oil also contribute to obesity and heart disease. In his book, Mike Geary clearly lists out foods that are dangerous for your health.

Reshapes Your Diet To Transform Your Life

It is important to know which foods you should not eat, but it is equally important to know the healthy meal prep alternatives. The best thing about The Fat Burning Kitchen is that it provides you with a list of healthy substitutes for the most common and popular foods that are contributing to worsen your health. The guide helps you to learn as to what each food does to your body so that you are in a better position to make healthy choices. Another great aspect about The Fat Burning Kitchen is that you are not required to count your calorie intake when following the program. In short, the program helps you to transform your diet, boost your metabolism and enhance the performance of fat burning hormones.

Final Thoughts


Many people who have achieved significant success by following Mike Geary’s program have provided rave reviews about the book. One customer has said that the book clearly tells readers about meal prep and which foods are to be eaten to lose weight and feel 5 to 10 years younger. The book will surely change your perspective about health. Therefore, it is definitely a value-for-money buy.

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