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Coconut Oil a.k.a the Ultimate Detox

It’s unbelievable that so many people don’t know about how using coconut oil can lead to a healthier and overall better life. There are 9 beneficial reasons to use coconut oil daily for meal prepsters, 3 of which are quite shocking so brace yourself! There’s an interesting eBook made available by “The Alternative Daily” that touches base on the secrets and wonders of coconut oil. In it you’ll find the best and upmost healthy coconut oil uses in simple yet effective recipes for your meals or meal preps that works towards efficiently healing, beautifying and restoring your body.  Plus you’ll also learn how there are 4 common household oils that you have likely used that can have adverse effects on your body and health.


coconut oil exposed secrets - saturated fat myth - meal prepster
Nature provides us with abundant resources for healthy life. With plenty of fruits and vegetables, there is always more than enough for your meal prepping. The fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals that are constantly required by the body to enhance a long and healthy life.

Among the common and easily available fruits is the coconut. With strong healing capabilities, the fruit is known as the “the fruit of life”. This was best exhibited before World War II where Philippines and other communities living on islands mostly used the coconut as part of their meal prep. The typical foods of the time included crops, roots, vegetables and rice among others.


Contains the Healthiest Substance on Earth

Rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, the coconut is a “functional food”. It contains essential elements that provide with the best meal prepster that enhance a perfect health. Coconut can be used efficiently in preparation of different meals and, therefore, an easy to use component irrespective of the type of dishes being prepared.

Islanders used the coconut for decades as a “cure for all illnesses”. The staple foods for these communities consisted of meat and milk alongside coconut oil. This form of meal prep is highly saturated with fats that may pose a health risk. However, through the effectiveness of the coconut, heart diseases, cancer and diabetes were unheard of. The health benefits attributable to the coconut are uncountable ranging from protection to curing of various health conditions.

coconut oil exposed secrets - saturated fat myth - meal prepster

Excellent Protection and Beautification for your Skin

Health benefits enjoyed by these communities after enjoying this healthy meal prep included youthful skin complexion, a soft skin free of wrinkles and reduced risk of skin cancer. This is despite being exposed to intense UV rays from the sun all year round. With a healthy skin, the body is better protected and in such way a more comfortable life.

Combats Vital Organ Diseases and Even Cancer

Coconut oil used as part of a healthy meal prepping includes protection from infection by bacteria and viruses. This makes one free from diseases such as thyroid, cancer, brain problems and heart problems. It encourages better metabolic processes and in such way ensures a beautiful and smooth skin fee from skin cancer problems. This is alongside enhancing the digestive processes of the body giving room for better absorption of minerals within the body.

Despite having high-fat contents, the coconuts do not pose any health risk associated with fat accumulation in the body. It contains saturated fats that are full of health-promoting benefits. It does not include the high cholesterol levels as many may be led to believe. In such way, heart diseases, obesity and other health related complications cannot result from incorporating coconut oil into meal prepping.

It has come to the realization of modern science and medicine that coconut is an important component in meal prep. Though this may appear to be late, it is not as late as to allow for further development of chronic conditions that are easily prevented using this remedy. It, therefore, becomes an important complement for a healthy meal prep for any family that does not pose any health risks when used.

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