What’s up Meal Prepsters! How many times have you searched your fridge throughout the day for food or trying to see what you can cook up with whatever leftover ingredients are available? Countless times right? Lets be honest now 😛

Sadly, this commonality is prevalent among the majority of us busy folks. Easy enough, this simple problem could be averted by a simple solution that requires just a minimal amount of effort — called meal prep!

We hope to provide you with some insight to acquire a stronger understanding of the general idea of meal prep!

Meal prep ensures having healthy options readily available to fulfill your hunger during your busy day!

Hunger Strikes in the Middle of the Night - No Food in the Fridge!

the WHAT

First things first, what is meal prep? Simply put…

Meal prepping is a healthy eating lifestyle choice that promotes ultimate efficiency through planning, preparing, and executing.

If you have been anywhere near social media you have probably seen this meal prep quote “If you Fail to Plan, then you Plan to Fail” either captioned or on on a photo everywhere! The statement couldn’t be more true! 🙂

the WHY

Why is meal prepping such a popular trend nowadays?

Well the main idea and ultimate goal of food prepping is to promote a healthier life. There are plenty of benefits that are a direct result of meal prepping:

  • Better health
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Money-saver
  • Time-saver
  • Portion control
  • Achieve fitness goals quicker
  • Stress reducer
  • and plenty more!

the HOW

How to start meal prepping and become an honorary Meal Prepster?

Well for starters, you’ll need a game plan. You must define your personal goals and clearly understand your why. Once that has been determined, it’s time to find some healthy recipes and plan your meals. We suggest you start simple and use a weekly meal prep planner.

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6 Key Points to a Successful Meal Prep Plan

KEY POINT #1: Objective – Know your Why

Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve by disciplining yourself to start meal prepping. Are you hoping to bulk up and put on some massive gains? Perhaps the mission is weight loss or to simply manage and monitor your food intake . Whatever it may be, it would be in your best interest to clearly identify your personal objectives before progressing forward.

Prepster Tip: Strategically place visible objective reminders in areas you frequent for extra motivation.

KEY POINT #2: Research – Collect Recipes

A plethora of recipes and ideas can be discovered online nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming for some meal prep rookies or noobies. Social channels such as Pinterest and Instagram will have near limitless inspiration. Stop by our Pinterest board or Instagram page @mealprepster for inspiration and meal prep recipe ideas!

Types of Fitness Goals:

  • Bulk up, gain muscle – Look for high protein + high caloric recipes.
  • Slim down, lose weight – Look for recipes with Low calories + Low carbohydrates.

Here’s a simple prep [ insert recipe link here ] here that’s great for beginners.

With the newfound recipes, it’s time to plan and organize for each day part. Be wise and select the simpler recipes or ideas at first to avoid unnecessary potential complications. Experiment with ideas that doesn’t require too many ingredients or overly complicated cooking techniques.

KEY POINT#3: Inventory – Storage Containers & Ingredients

Don’t be THAT guy or gal and put yourself in a situation where your meal prep is completed and you’re ready to portion it into food storage containers… only to realize there are not enough containers, or some are missing lids, or just plain too old filthy.

Been there done that. Such an inconvenience that can easily be prevented. Do yourself a favor and check your tupperware inventory. Make sure you have enough to accommodate each of your prepped servings for the day. Invest in some quality and affordable meal prep containers to avoid such things.

Now you’ll need to examine your refrigerator and spice cabinets and note down the ingredients that you already have or that could even be a substitution for the original recipe.

Proceed with scurrying along to your favorite local grocery store, put on your tunnel vision googles, and strictly make your way towards the store sections while referencing your handy dandy meal prep shopping checklist! Be sure to buy each and every single item that’s required to complete your meal prep to ensure a smooth and snappy prepping process. 🙂

KEY POINT#4: Action – Put on your MasterChef Toque

Did we lose you yet? Hopefully not because this is the point where your envisioned master meal plan unravels and becomes a reality!

It's meal prep time! w

Strategically Schedule your Meal Prep Day:

  • Depending on your forecasted meal plan, whether it’s a full week or 3 days at a time, it’s important to pick a day/time and set aside a generous amount of time and space to prepare your healthy meal prep!
  • Sundays are the most popular day for meal prep enthusiasts.
  • If you’re anywhere near or on social media then you are familiar with the phrases, #mealprepsundays and #mealprepmondays.
  • There’s no RIGHT or WRONG day to meal prep so choose a day that works for YOU and your busy schedule.
  • Expect to spend at least a couple hours for each session, depending on the size of your meal plan.

How many portions to cook?

  • If you planned properly then you should already know what your portion sizes and the quantity of meals you expect to devour throughout the day.
  • This part relies on some basic trial and error for most beginners.
  • Simply eyeball portions or stick to the script, your carefully selected meal recipes from Point #2.
  • Perhaps you’re meticulous and OCD, then you can bust out a food scale and use some brainpower to calculate your macros.
  • Now that the cooking and portioning has been dealt with, all that is left is to store your evenly portioned meals in the refrigerator until their day of consumption arrives!

Eventually, if you keep it up and stay consistent then it will surely become an effortless integral habit in your schedule.

KEY POINT #5: Indulge – Enjoy your Meal Prepped Efforts

Step back and give yourself a pat on the back
 you’ve done it! All the heavy lifting and hard work will finally pay off when you take a bite of your first healthy home cooked meal.

Enjoy and savor it! That moment will become a precious milestone in your life!

Follow your pre-planned meal schedule and make sure closely adhere to it. Give your body some time to adapt to your new healthy eating habits. Hunger may strike at any given time during your new meal schedule, in which case it will be a good idea to chow on some healthy snacks like nuts or energy/breakfast bars.

If anything you will have to increase your portions during your next meal prep day.
As you face some newfound challenges in your new healthy diet, continue to tweak things. All you can really do is improve from there!

Hip hip hooray! You are now an Official Meal Prepster!

KEY POINT #6: Rinse & Repeat – Be a Pro in No Time

At this point you have accomplished a commendable feat! Most people have a tough time making it this far. Well done! You should now have learned the basics of meal prepping and are ready to start embracing this lifestyle… remember to tag us at @mealprepster if you decide to share your meal prep recipe masterpieces on Instagram! <3

Now on to the next week
 that means it’s time to do the dishes! Be sure to thoroughly clean your re-usable food prepped containers to be used for the next exciting round. If you want a challenge then you could prepare different meals for the following week, otherwise just stick to the same plan and tweak it to make it more efficient!

Prepster Tip: Stay motivated by encouraging friends, family or co-workers to join your healthy meal prep lifestyle. It makes the entire process way more fun! TRUST.

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